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Real life behind the magic

Hello, I’m Benjamin Brette, wedding photographer in France. I work everywhere but most often in Provence, French Riviera, Burgundy, Dordogne or Paris. These locations are the most beautiful place to getting married in France. And you, which place did you choose to get married ? Wherever it is, I’ll follow you.

As a wedding photographer in France I work like a photo reporter ( some people sometimes says wedding photojournalist) , in a modern, documentary and fun approach. I consider that telling the real story is the most important, more than everything.
Wedding is not only about perfection, it’s all about life.

If the main thing is telling the truth, it can be done in a  fun way, by sometimes breaking the rules. Because wedding photography can be something modern and unusual, just like you are. 


I’ve been awarded  many times by these websites.

256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 01
256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 04
256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 03
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Real life behind the magic

Why staying stucked in the past ? Why having the same static pictures than your parents ? 
Yes wedding photography is now modern and full of life. If you prefer to have the picture of your bridesmaids laughing and dancing with their glass of champagne instead of asking them to smile and stare at the camera, I’m happy with that. You will see the pictures of the little flower girl crying in the background while you’re getting prepared, or this guest who is texting during your ceremony. Because there is always real life behind the magic.

256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 05
256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 06
256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 08_d8957e73485284031080b49aff574fab
256 photo de mariage paris moderne v2 07

“Je me suis connectée hier soir et je suis restée bouche bée en voyant que les photos étaient déjà en ligne et surtout, qu’elles sont plus belles que dans mes rêves les plus fous. Tu as fait pleurer dans les chaumières dès hier parce que j’ai passé le mot à nos familles et amis proches. Ton travail est sublime et on a l’impression que tes photos racontent une histoire, l’histoire de ce qui restera la plus belle journée de notre vie et qui est grâce à toi immortalisée à jamais, et de la plus belle des manières… Je n’arrive pas à m’en remettre, j’ai envie de les regarder encore et encore… Tu as sans nul doute un don et grâce à toi, le rêve éveillé qu’on a vécu le 13 juin, va se prolonger! On pensera à toi à chaque fois qu’on les regardera…
Mille mercis!!”

Abir & Jérôme

Who Am I ?

Benjamin Brette

Benjamin Brette

Average man, 30 years old since 2005, city-dweller, dynamic and fun. I do wedding photography just as I am, and I strongly believe that everything can be done in a modern, sometimes even iconoclast, way , and that includes wedding photography.


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