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Real life behind the magic

Hello, I’m Benjamin Brette, wedding photographer in France and worldwide. I work everywhere but most often in Provence, French Riviera, Burgundy, Dordogne or Paris. These locations are the most beautiful place to getting married in France. And you, which place did you choose to get married ? Wherever it is, I’ll follow you.

As a wedding photographer in France I work like a photo reporter ( some people sometimes says wedding photojournalist) , in a modern, documentary and fun approach. I consider that telling the real story is the most important, more than everything.
Wedding is not only about perfection, it’s all about life.

If the main thing is telling the truth, it can be done in a  fun way, by sometimes breaking the rules. Because wedding photography can be something modern and unusual, just like you are. 


I’ve been awarded  many times by these websites.

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Real life behind the magic

What does it mean ? It means that weddings are not fairy tales. Weddings are all about real life.
My photography is telling the truth, the real one, is telling your own story. The story where you’re crying at the ceremony, the story where you’re dancing like John Travolta at the party, the story where you’re having fun whit your bridesmaids at preps with champagne. But also the story where kids are making mistakes or that one where Uncle Bob is playing Candy Crush on his phone during the ceremony.
Why staying stucked in the past ? Why having the same static pictures than your parents ?
Because there is always real life behind the magic, your picture will tell you very own and personnal story

“I was speechless when I saw that the photos were already online and above all, that they were more beautiful than in my wildest dreams.We spent the entire evening watching them and crying.Your work is wonderful and it seems that your photos tell a story, the story of what will remain the most beautiful day of our lives, and thanks to you immortalized forever in the most beautiful way … I can not get over it, I want to watch them again and again … You have gift and, thanks to you, the awaking dream that we lived on June 13, will remain forever ! We will think of you every time we look at them …
Many thanks!!”


Who Am I ?

Benjamin Brette

Benjamin Brette

Average man, 30 years old since 2005, city-dweller, dynamic and fun. I do wedding photography just as I am, and I strongly believe that everything can be done in a modern, sometimes even iconoclast, way , and that includes wedding photography.


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