Why awards are important for you too ?

As a wedding photographer we work for our clients, that’s obvious. But we also like when our images are seen by a larger audience, and if they are liked, it’s even better. But when we received awards from other talented photographers, thing are becoming really good !

Contests are existing for years and years, and wedding photography doesn’t make an exception.. I must admit that receiving awards is a really enjoyable experience for a photographer.

But there is something more important, which is good for you and me : évolution. I do that job because I’m in love with it, and I want that my pictures become more and more perfect for my clients. I don’t want rest on my laurels. I want to do better every day. And what’s best than contests do do that ? Websites such as  Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, WPJA, WPS, are gathering the most talented photographers in the world. People with a limitless creativity who want to get higher and higher for their clients. Being challenged by this people is an wonderful chance to deliver you the most amazing pictures possible.

Every new award I get is a new skill for you, to offer you something better and better. Who wants to have the same pictures than everybody, who doesn’t want the best quality for his wedding ?
This is what awards can do. 2016 France #1 - World Top 10
WPS World TOP 10 2017-2016-2015-2014
Fearless Photographers- 2017 World TOP 50

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